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Spicy Sweet Potato Fries

Preparation Time: 5 minutes 

Cooking Time: 37 minutes 

Servings: 4 


30g sweet potato fry seasoning mix 

30 ml olive oil 

2 sweet potatoes 

Seasoning Mix: 

35.6g salt 

17.8g cayenne pepper 

15g. dried oregano 

15g. fennel 

30g coriander 


1. Slice both ends off sweet potatoes and peel. Slice lengthwise in half and again crosswise to make four pieces from each potato. 

2. Slice each potato piece into 2-3 slices, then slice into fries.

3. Grind together all of seasoning. Mix ingredients and mix in the salt. 

4. Ensure the Tower air fryer is preheated to 176 degrees C. 

5. Toss potato pieces in olive oil, sprinkling with seasoning mix and tossing well to coat thoroughly. 

6. Add fries to air fryer basket. Put temperature to 180°C, and set time to 27 minutes. Select START/STOP to begin. 

7. Take out the basket and turn fries. Turn off air fryer and let cook 10-12 minutes till fries are golden. 


Calories: 89kcal; 

Fat: 14g; 

Carbs: 2g; 

Protein: 8

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